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MASSAGESESSEL - it's like a HOLIDAY at home

Welcon Massage Chair Easyrelaxx in red
Massage chairs are available in many colours. Here you see the Welcon Easyrelaxx in red.

Whether after a hard day at work or to switch off and relax in between:


With a massage chair, you can escape the daily grind at the touch of a button. You immerse yourself in the elegant upholstery and close your eyes while the built-in massage rollers gently work your muscles.


Discover variants with refined highlights - from classic to modern, everything is available.

Massage chairs offer a plus in wellness

Welcon Massage Chair Easyrelaxx in beige
The Easyrelaxx massage chair in beige is always a good choice.

Where better to make yourself comfortable than in a chic armchair?


The luxury feature of this much sought-after piece of furniture is the massage chair. It has the advantage that it not only allows the user to relax, but also proactively contributes to his or her well-being.


Thanks to its massage function, this piece of furniture can help regenerate and accelerate physical and mental stress reduction. Just like a so-called wing chair, this version has an extra-high backrest and gives you the opportunity to rest your head comfortably.


Like other ergonomically shaped recliners, this one also offers you the individual adjustment of the sitting posture. It is also very well suited as a real alternative to the conventional reading, TV and television armchair.

Buying the best armchair - What to look out for?

Apart from the appearance, it is primarily the function that decides which massage chair best suits one's own requirements. Ultimately, it comes down to the following: What features should the furniture have? Do you envisage occasional loosening and relaxing massages for the neck and shoulder area, or do you need a full-body massage that also includes relaxed kneading of the calves?


Many variants offer basic massage techniques such as a vibration massage and a tapping massage, which treats the thoracic and lumbar spine from the neck to the hip joint in a similar way to the tapping massage. Such treatments are good for people who simply dream of a bit of relaxation after one-sided and stressful work at work and in everyday life.


A roller massage is usually part of the standard programme in almost every relax chair with massage function. Several rollers move up and down along the body to stretch it. This relieves the strain on the intervertebral discs in particular. The even more sophisticated relaxation furniture also impresses with comfort features such as a heating function to particularly support the body's blood circulation. Thanks to the intelligently installed massage balls, they also offer advanced applications such as the well-known Shiatsu massage.


This massage is based on the acupressure technique known from Japan. The energies flowing through our body are stimulated by means of gentle pressure on several acupressure points and blockages in the energy flow can be released and performance can be increased. Some high-end massage chairs convince with a variety of automatic programmes including the highly praised airbag massage from the calves down to the feet. The seating comfort is often unparalleled due to the choice of noble materials and professional workmanship.

The most popular functions

One or the other function can make the regular use of the massage chair an even more appealing feel-good moment. According to your individual preferences, you can search online for the following functional features: Every now and then, a massage chair has a practical pocket for its remote control, so that it is always and constantly quickly at hand. when you are in a hurry.


Some pieces of furniture also integrate the control unit under a cover in the backrest or even have an attached tablet PC. Long massage sessions can also sometimes make you feel thirsty. That's where a drink holder comes in handy to keep warm coffee, drinks or a cool blonde within easy reach.


In smaller houses, some manoeuvring may be necessary to move the massage chair into the comfortable position for its use. The castors on the pedestal make repositioning a breeze. A swivel base, such as on a Strässle armchair, also facilitates short-term alignment with the reading lamp or the TV.

Massage chair ADVICE

Massage chairs need quite a bit of space. Especially in the reclining position, they sometimes have a length of about 185 cm. A massage chair can relieve pain, but not completely eliminate physical problems.


Any back pain with an unexplained origin should therefore always be discussed with your doctor or orthopaedist.

What are the health effects of a massage chair?

Welcon Massage Chair Easyrelaxx with Shiatsu-Massage
Many massage chairs have a control panel integrated into the armrest.

Massage chairs provide feel-good or wellness massages. Relaxation and stress reduction are the top priorities. This type of treatment is actually quite different from a medically based massage, which involves a targeted action on severely stressed or immobile parts of the body in order to restore the initial situation.


Medical massage therapies are sometimes very far from stress-reducing. However, they can be accompanied by discomfort and a temporary feeling of heaviness. In return, however, physical healing is often achieved. Clearly, massage chairs can nevertheless support many positive health aspects: They sometimes stimulate blood circulation and can thus also promote the supply of nutrients to muscle tissue and fascia. This strengthens the physique, but also keeps it partly supple.


As a result of loosened blockages in the neck area as well as in the back region, the ability to concentrate and the readiness to work under pressure can be normalised. The headaches typical of desk work can be reduced. Athletic potential is then often restored. The soothing stroking, tapping and/or vibrating in combination with the pleasant heating has an effect on our mental state like a fountain of youth. Everyday problems fall away and the stressed nervous system is rejuvenated. Daily appointments with a masseur in our own four walls soothe our soul and let our body go into stand-by mode. This in turn creates the best conditions for restful sleep.

How do massage chairs work?

The basis for all massage chairs is high-quality upholstery. The sitting and reclining positions are often infinitely adjustable. A neck support should be able to relieve the cervical spine.


The legs are positioned on a leg rest that is usually height-adjustable and can be folded out. Many models have a combination of different massages: rollers, massage heads or balls rotate under the back cushion. In a massage chair with built-in kneading massage, the installed balls circle in several directions.


At the same time, they work in elliptical sequences. Consequently, tensions in the depths of the muscles are loosened. Possibly these balls run in unison with a compression massage: Airbags inside the chair are inflated and deflated in a kind of rhythm, which creates movements that can also loosen the muscles. The intensity and time of the massages are usually programmed by the user with a remote control. A heat function sometimes improves the therapeutic result. For maximum massage pleasure, the chair is adjusted to the individual body length of the owner.

How often can you use a massage chair?

A recommended frequency depends all in all on personal sensation. Test it carefully and only gradually increase the massage time: Especially in the beginning, gentler settings with shorter applications of 5 to 10 minutes are in order. At the end of strenuous days, a massage chair is a wonderful way to relax and increase your sense of well-being.


After sporting activity, a massage is a well-deserved end for many people. With continued use, massage can not only reduce existing problems, but also prevent future tension. In individual cases, for example during pregnancy and back operations, it should not be used. As a matter of principle, always pay attention to the signals of your own body and, depending on the symptoms, possibly seek advice from a doctor.

Elegant appearance - Many appealing designs are available

Welcon Massage Chair Prestige II in black and white
The Prestige II massage chair has an extendable leg rest.

Many massage chairs come with noble covers in vegan leather or elegant genuine leather. Some manufacturers actually combine several materials in order to optimally use the advantages of the covers depending on the use.


In any case, all types harmonise with almost any furnishing style in the living room, as a wide range of colours is available: from elegant beige to banal black, light grey or brown to extravagant red, there is often something for every taste, no matter how unusual.


In the case of leather armchairs, it is advisable to treat the leather surfaces regularly with a special care product. This preserves the value of the leather. Vegan leather covers can be quickly wiped with a damp cloth and do not require any special care. In addition, you can also use cleaning sets, but then you should wipe again with a damp cloth.

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